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I also have a LinkedIN Profile that holds many of my details. This page is the primary link to the various sections on this site.

This site is divided into a number of sections and links designed to best use the power of the web to disseminate information quickly and effectively.

As such, I have divided this site into a number of sections. As I have a large number of interests and my focus crosses many professional boundaries, I have setup a separate section for each of the key areas I am involved with. These include separate "main" pages for each of the following areas:
I have personally conducted and managed in excess of 1,800 engagements for over 180 Australian and international organizations (in both the private and government sectors).

These engagements have comprised of:
  • Algorithmic design
  • Systems implementation
  • Staff training and Mentoring
  • Cross functional Team Development
  • Policy and Procedural development,
  • Process Analysis
  • Compliance and Risk
  • Research